Saturday, October 29, 2005

A fisherman goes to the lagoon to catch fish in the dusk.

There are 114 familes-444 family members living in "Iqbal Nagar" welfare camp-Thamaraikulam, in Nilaveli-Trincomalee District, East of Sri Lanka. there families were displaced due to the Tsunami in Kachchinaikal and Nilaveli. About four hundred people were killed. These villagers are farmers, fishermen and businessmen.

The villagers in this transitional shelter complain that, there is not enough water.

Twenty eight years old Jeinulabdeen Abhu Ayup plays with his ten months old daughter Afna.

Play time

The children of this welfare camp complain that, they are unable to play outside, when it rains, and they don't have any toys to play inside the shelter.

The heat is unbearable. And it leaks inside the shelters, when it rains.

Thirty two years old Fathima Baby Sajakan with her six years old daughter Akila Sajakan.

"I have two children. My husband is a labourer. I have only sprats today for cooking" says thirty two years old Fathima Baby Sajakan.

"There are flies in the day time. And mosquitoes in the night time. How can we live here?" queries thirty three years old M.H.Anwar Sathath.

"Everybody is making money on behalf of the Tsunami victims. Ten months have gone, still we are suffering. They make promises, but never deliver them. We are very disappointed" says twenty six years old Asmiya Naseer.

The villagers say that the "advantage" of the Tsunami is that most of them learnt to write, by filling up forms endlessly.

"My husband went to Qatar, after the Tsunami. But he is planning to come back, because he is not well. If he returns, we will find it difficult to live with what we get here. I have a six months old daughter. we are not getting help from anybody. And the dry rations are not given on time" says twenty eight years old Jemeena Athugam.

There is no electricity.

Sixty eight years old A.L.Jeynudeen sorts out onion for sale in the market, for next day morning.

"I am a farmer. I am affected by the Tsunami, but noboby has come forward to help me so far " says sixty eight years old A.L.Jeynudeen.

Sixty eight years old A.L.Jeynudeen buys the onion for Sri Lanlkan Rupees 42/= per kilogram, and sells it for Sri Lankan Rupees 55/= per kilogram.

"We thought that, we will be able to celebrate the Ramazan festival in our houses with our relatives and friends. But it is not going to happen.' says sixty eight years old A.L.Jeynudeen.

Sixty eight years old A.L.Jeynudeen breaks the Ramazan fast at 6.30pm in the evening , in his transitional shetler. Flanked by him are his fifty eight years old wife Roja Nona, his thirty two years old daughter in law Fathima Baby Sajakan, his six years old grand daughter Akila Sajakan ans his eight years old grand son Farshad Sajakan.

Sunset in "Iqbal Nagar" welfare camp.

Sunset in Thamaraikulam-Nilaveli

Sunset in Thamaraikulam-Nilaveli.